About LbF

We focus on physical competence, situational preparedness, and play! We practice the MovNat system in our "Jungle" utilizing unique but realistic equipment/obstacles to develop practical skills. We utilize our "Studio" to improve strength, resilience, and conditioning. This approach builds a functional and adaptive body while improving fitness at the same time.

We train one-to-one or in small groups in a relaxed and supportive environment. When we aren't indoors, we're at the infamous Neuty Hill, the beach, the sand dunes, and Goddard Park. We also host the World's only Obstaplunge, Ninja Competitions, and soon our own OCR!  

Our clients range from young ninjas, to athletes looking to improve their performance, to average Joe's looking to team up for an adventure, to the senior class looking to thrive in their golden years! No matter who you are, we work together to make movement fun and equip you with a useful body "outside of the gym."