Our Blog Archives for March of 2010

Sand Dune Sprints - Humility and Inspiration

Published 03/19/2010

I used to think I was in really good shape, then I had my my first sand dune workout of 2010!  Here’s how it went down: Warmup – from the car walking/jogging/Pose drills to small sand dune ~5-6 min Prisoner Squats, lunges, lat lunges, under/over hurdles, high knees, butt kicks, etc. Small dunes – 2x all out sprints up and down ~:30/ea with...

Power Endurance Combo

Published 03/25/2010

If you don’t count golfing or grouting tile as exercise then it had been 5 days since my last workout.  Trying to make up for lost time, my goal for this one was to hit some power and endurance work in a metcon-esque style.  Rolled into the warmup 22 hrs fasted (read here andhere and...

Seize the Flood - Urban Kayaking

Published 03/30/2010

Out of work early during a 100 year storm=once in a lifetime opportunity.  Threw on the rain gear, pulled down the kayak from its secret storage location, and carried it across Post Rd to the launch point – access to the Pawtuxet Industrial Park on most days.  Unfortunately I launched “downstream” so I had to...