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It's A Celebration...Fasting as Damage Control

Published 07/08/2010

Where you been bro? All kinds of life events have taken precedence over formal exercise with yesterday being the first WOD since the goddid pahk tri (see post below for proof, that’s 10 days for those keeping score at home). However, I was able to keep the CNS awake and the blood flowing via a cameo role as a greenhorn on a roofing crew. Took a vacation from the desk job and spent three days sweating through my t-shirts:

Playground Metcon

Published 07/11/2010

Ahh the freedom and possibilities of Saturday mornings.  Equipped with the Universal Strength Apparatus, I planned my WOD during the 10 min walk to the park.  Here’s what I came up with: Flying Pushups x 12 RESS x 12 ea. Box Jumps x 12 Round 2: 4 rounds for time @ 12 min+/-.  After that bonus round was a combo of...

Save the Bay Swim + Surfing Double Session

Published 07/19/2010

From the “there’s nothing better than a RI summer” department comes the annual Save the Bay Swim. This year it started earlier than normal so LL (aka the trooper) and I rose hours before the sun, picked up my Dad (aka the navigator), and drove to the starting line at Newport. After a tuneup by Dr. Gary, slipped on the wetsuit and headed west for Jamestown.

You Can Squat Like This or You Can Squat Like That

Published 07/21/2010

Had to switch from OH to Front Squats due to some shoulder discomfort on Monday. Everything else was feeling good so I wasn’t about to pull the plug. At 22 hrs fasted, here’s what I threw down:

Rainy Beach Sprints and Mind Tricks

Published 07/22/2010

Editor’s note: I wanted to start this post with the Rocky 3 beach scene but all I could find were homo-erotic parodies on youtube so I went with one of Houston’s finest…