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Triathlon Season Recap...2 Hours/week!

Published 08/04/2010

Editor’s note: just like in church, omit brackets [for short form]. I got involved in this blogging racket so I could track my WODs and evaluate my: approach to training, form, nutrition, mood, style, etc.  I also wanted to see how much of a role exercise took in my day-to-day life.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I post everything I do on here...

American Gladiator Training

Published 08/11/2010

How has it taken me this long to discover Brown Street Park? I drove by this place a couple Saturdays ago but couldn’t get there until this past Saturday. After surveying the scene and a quick warmup,

Back Squats and Missed Spots

Published 08/13/2010

Between rest weeks and race recovery, substantial gaps between lift-heavy-thing WOD’s (3.5 weeks this time) occur every once in a while. It’s cool, I’d rather not be in the gym during the summer anyways. That being said, with race season in the rear view (although there’s still a chance I do another one on a whim to get the bad taste out of my mouth from the BI tri), and (gasp) fall on the horizon, I’m planning on incorporating more strength work to address the “missed spots” in my training. Speaking of, Tuesday marked a reunion with an old flame, the back squat! This was my strongest lift in college but a few years ago I stopped doing it completely due to knee pain. Looking back, running and biking a thousand hours/week were the culprit; not the beloved back squat.

Mountain Bike Beach Sprint Sandwich

Published 08/14/2010

In the spring of last year I wrecked myself on my mountain bike riding down the trails at Arcadia. It’s been taking up space and collecting dust in my basement ever since. Until yesterday. With screaming quads, ominous clouds and 4 hours of driving under my belt, I fought off the urge to make like this guy…

Gladiators Ready? And a Crossfit Cameo

Published 08/17/2010

Have I mentioned before that I love Summer Saturdays? Technically there only 5 left to savor so make the most of them! I’d been thinking about Brown St Park all week so I went back for more after a trip to the farmers market. I rocked the Nike Frees for this one since I scraped up my feet pretty good on the rope last time. The good news is my feet were spared further damage. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the exposed skin just above the tongue of the shoe…