Our Blog Archives for January of 2011

Climbing Mount Crestwood

Published 01/11/2011

Since the sand dunes are frozen (although I will get there this winter), I chose the infamous Crestwood Road Hill for a sprint WOD. This hill has tested me for most of my life! From walking, roller blading, biking, and now sprinting, it’s one of my favorite spots to get the HR up and the lactic acid flowing. With the vibrams strapped on a brisk sunny day, I set out to conquer the stretch of pavement that has humbled me for years!

Back to Back Winter Workouts

Published 01/17/2011

I usually don’t like to do tough workouts on consecutive days, and I almost backed out of snowboarding after a long and strenuous day of shoveling. However, the lure of fresh pow and the beautiful forecast were impossible to turn down. The latest mountain to be conquered is Attitash. After an early rise and a scenic 3.5 hour drive, brother Tom and I were ready to rip. Mount Washington can be seen in one of the pics.

Hiking and Riding in RI's "Backcountry"

Published 02/01/2011

What better way to train to be a better rider than to “earn” each run the old-fashioned way! In between trips up north I kept the edges sharp on RI’s urban slopes.