Our Blog Archives for November of 2011

Another Addition to the Primal Playground File: Hawaii!

Published 11/05/2011

Hello folks! Once again it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me! Life’s a little different as I write this: first, typing is weird with a hunk of metal on my left ring finger; second, I no longer have to refer to LL as my fiancé (so sick of that word!), and third, I’m sporting a decent tan in November!

Tough Mudder Tri State and Being Good at Running Without Running

Published 11/17/2011

Tough Mudder is literally snapping necks and cashing checks! If you haven’t heard, TM is a challenge (not a race) which tests physical conditioning and pain/discomfort threshold during 10-12 miles and 30 +/- military style obstacles. Tri State on 11/12/11 was my second go ’round; an opportunity for redemption after being severely humbled by the VT course in May. Video below courtesy of fellow Sofa King Team Member Bill: