Our Blog Archives for December of 2011

Rock Climbing - The Best Activity I Wasn't Doing!

Published 12/07/2011

But now I am officially hooked! And not just because it fills a hole in my training, but it’s also extremely fun, mentally challenging, and gratifying! Also, for the wise ones who value strength:weight ratio, what better activity exists that demands such a great one?

Easy Going = Easy Goals

Published 12/13/2011

At the risk of being a one-dimensional blogger, I’m going to write yet another post about the minimalist training phenomenon. With the New Year and its accompanying resolutions on the horizon, now is the time to set Realistic goals for 2012, aka the one that will really be different! So what does that mean, and does it really work?

Absolute Bang for your Buck!

Published 12/28/2011

This was my workout today.  The “Real Deal KB Complex” using a 32 kg (70.5lb) kettlebell: An hour later and I’m still feeling the effects…