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Week in Review + Hardest Pushups I've Ever Done!

Published 08/07/2011

Tuesday’s Indoor Session at the LbF Exercise Playground WU: 16 kg KB complex, then 70 lb DB snatch/push press/strict press complex.  The KB complex has been a staple for a while and can be seen below.  The shoulder warmup idea I got from this guy.  Worked some heavier stuff first with a superset version of: 32 kg...

Bold r Dash Recap - Barefoot Edition

Published 08/15/2011

About 7 weeks ago a bunch of clients, friends, family and I met up at Neutaconkanut Hill Park in Providence in preparation for the Inagural Bold R Dash, a military style 5k at RI’s only operable ski resort, Yawgoo Valley. The details of the obstacles were mostly mysterious until just days before the event, so Team LbF (aka Neuty Pictures) did our best to prepare by using the hills and other surroundings at Neuty, the sand dunes, and Brown St Park. We spent a lot of time practicing our uphill running technique and several other skills we hoped would translate on “race” day.

Week in Review: Swimming, Biking, Handstands

Published 08/25/2011

Indoor skill development session: Warmed up with a bunch of different movements and a kettlebell complex.  Then hit some tough balance-oriented strength moves: Walk-out HSPU with TRX Single leg DL with 16kg KB on Balance beam Sweet tan lines bro. Saturday’s beach adventure with Timmy D: Met up with an ole college friend at Narragansett Town Beach.  Nothing specific was on the...