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The Frozen Clam - A Hot Start to the New Year!

Published 01/03/2012

The Inagural Frozen Clam was held on January 1, 2012 at Goddard Park in Warwick, RI. Thanks to several local businesses, an awesome DJ, abundant sunshine and a bunch of fun people, the event was an absolute blast and a successful fundraiser for the Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership!

Recap in Reverse

Published 01/10/2012

Semi-planned Reverse Pyramid Day – 1/10/12 WU: n/a Deadlift: 371×3, 349×5, 319×9 Press: 150×2, 135×6, 24kg x 10L, 12R All above sets were all-out grunting efforts with plenty of rest in between. Unplanned Reverse Pyramid Day – 1/5/12 WU: none Deadlift – 349×5, 339×5, 319×7, 275×10, 225×12 Weighted Dips – 88#x3, 79×5, 70×7, 53×8, 35×10 Cooldown: Real Deal Kettlebell Complex @ 16kg Probably overdid it here.  It...