Our Blog Archives for October of 2012

Building the New LbF

Published 10/08/2012

As we were closing up shop the other night, I scanned the space and said rather incredulously “I guess there’s not much else to do around here!” And it’s mostly true! Roughly 2 months later, the awesomeness/badass/coolness/sexiness development center is complete! Of course, like your house (and mine), it will never really be done-done! Here are the highlights of our building efforts and examples of how they are used:

Mocha Madness Smoothie

Published 10/16/2012

At the open house I had some samples of my newest smoothie creations but I am a slacker who is just now putting it up!!!

Tuff Scramblers - An Aptly Named Event!

Published 10/19/2012

I had been looking forward to Tuff Scramblers for a while because it was going to be my first opportunity in 2012 to compete! As has been well documented here, I love me some challenging events, but until then I hadn’t done one where I went all out! Of course, approximately 1 mile into the race last Saturday, I found the concept of pushing my body to the limits a bit overrated.