Our Blog Archives for February of 2012

LbF Is Branching Out!

Published 02/06/2012

Changes are coming to your favorite Fitness Blog! The First Lady of LbF, aka LL, now known as LM, who’s been featured in several of our posts (see here, here, here and here), will be contributing her insight on food and fitness from a unique and (imo) often hilarious perspective! Look for Laurie’s recipes, thoughts on footwear (possibly including those with high heels), and rants on living with a health enthusiast (or “crazie” as she lovingly proclaims) in the near future! Best way to describe the delivery of her opinion is shown below:

High Heels and Thin Soles

Published 02/10/2012

From the First Laidy...So everyone that knows me knows I love my heels. I mean LOVE my heels. I wear them when I work and when I go out. They are usually anywhere from 4-6 inches and I LOVE them!! Yet when I have my down time I am in my favorite pair of sneakers. Like most people I wore regular old sneakers and thought more about how cute they looked with my outfit instead of what they were doing for my body and feet.

Hosting A Healthy Dinner

Published 02/16/2012

From the First Laidy...On Saturday night we had my brother and his wife over for dinner. Neither are “paleo” eaters but since they were coming to our house they were for that night!! I started the meal with a salad (pretty much done the same way that I had in my previous post) and then went on to the appetizer…. I made a crab stuffed portobello mushroom. It was amazing :)

Being Active Without "Exercise"

Published 02/24/2012

Although it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me (which is no surprise to the founding followers), the first laidy has not yet taken full control of “our” website. So now that it’s my turn on the laptop, I give you the latest and greatest recap of my exercise-like activities:

My Second Favorite Form of Shopping

Published 02/29/2012

From the First Laidy...I usually go to the market twice a week in order to keep our fridge stocked and keep things fresh. My list has its weekly staples and then some things that just need to be in the house. Like I’ve said before, I keep to the perimeter of the market to get almost everything on my list.