Our Blog Archives for March of 2012

Meatza Meatza!

Published 03/19/2012

Oh how I love you! When you want some “fatty” food like a pizza but are looking to do it the healthy way try a meatza! It’s an amazing treat that tastes and looks awesome!

The Latest and Greatest Smoothie Creation

Published 03/25/2012

It’s smoothie time! For one reason or another we got away from blending them up for a while, but now we’re back at it with a delicious new recipe. I know when you read one of the ingredients you may be grossed out but TRUST me it tastes sooooo good! Add these ingredients in this order for smooth mixing:

Another Running Without Running Case Study

Published 03/31/2012

This weeked I did something that goes against everything I believe in, and wouldn’t do even if I did…run a long distance at a moderate pace in the snow during the morning hours of a day I did not have to work! As I was yogging away I wondered how many of the paid participants truly enjoyed this…about 45% was my estimate.