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Here Goes Nothing!

Published 06/05/2012

I cannot believe it’s been almost three weeks and Warrior Dash is on Sunday!! So I have said it a million times I hate to run and Ryan really took it easy on me as far as the running goes! I have done basically no running except my one hour workout at Neuty that I did almost two weeks ago. BUT I have been walking pretty much twice a day for the past three weeks (even sometimes when it’s raining).

Justifying An Indulgent Living

Published 06/13/2012

Dieting is hard. Consistent dieting is practically impossible. So how do you create/implement a lifestyle (sorry for the bastardized term) that is healthy and consistently enjoyable? Well, educating yourself is a good start. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve found that helps me feel good about being a naughty eater:

First Laidy's First Adventure Race

Published 06/19/2012

So warrior dash is officially over and I survived!!! Last Sunday was such a beautiful day. I started off by having some much needed water to hydrate and some bananas on the hour long trip down to the Dash. Once we got there and checked in (they didn’t have our race packets so we can’t find out our actual finish time) we were met by a few fellow LbFers! I was nervous….. I bit off all of my nails while waiting for our time to shine! I also could not stop talking about the turkey leg and beer that I would get when I was done!