Our Blog Archives for July of 2012

This Is Why I Train - Block Island Retreat

Published 07/02/2012

I’ve called Block Island a Primal Playground before for good reason! It’s a little piece of paradise offering endless active opportunities! This post is inspired by the man himself, and a few posts he’s put up that highlight the benefits of training like a primate.

We Are Expanding Again!

Published 07/08/2012

It’s been just over one year since we started building our underground Human Strength and Skill Development Facility at Brodeur Family Chiropractic! Thanks to the guidance and generosity ofDr. Gary Brodeur, as well as the enthusiasm and support of the First Laidy, we are extremely excited to announce that we are moving on up in size, elevation, and ceiling height!

One Tough Laidy!

Published 07/16/2012

Days after a last-minute decision to attempt the Toughest Event on the Planet, I found myself in the car with my brother Brian, his lovely wife Gina (who I called mom all weekend bc she was such a big help) and my girlfriend Holly on our way up to VT for Tough Mudder!! Upon arrival we met up with some more aspiring mudders and had an amazing dinner with lots of water and bananas for dessert! After that it was pretty much time for bed, which was a half sleep bc I was extremely nervous! The next day I woke up excited, nervous and just plain scared! Then after having a few more bananas, more water and getting my gear on I was ready to go!

They Aren't Fun But They Are Awesome!

Published 07/16/2012

When you honestly break it down, doing a Tough Mudder (or any challenging adventure race) is not fun. Trudging up and down mean hills, plunging into icy waters, carrying heavy things (including our bodies), crawling through muddy and rocky terrain, getting electrocuted, etc. are simply not enjoyable activities. But that’s not the point! The reason to do one, as I see it, is to drink down the emotional cocktail of accomplishment/gratification/joy/relief that you get while sporting the Orange headband! I used to say back in the triathlon days that the best part of racing was crossing the finish line. With Tough Mudder however, there are so many more mental battles to overcome before you get your trophy!