Our Blog Archives for July of 2014

Moving Around the Block

Published 07/25/2014

Once again, my favorite yearly mini-vacation was full of movement and exploration! Block Island is the perfect place for Active Relaxation! In fact,! I hope to organize some retreats there next summer! It’s only 10 miles into the Atlantic yet you feel detached from the real world and can explore your wild side! Here’s a recap of this trip’s activities:

The "New" LbF Turns 2!

Published 07/31/2014

Writing these recaps gives me goosebumps! A year ago I was so humbled, proud, excited, and a bit exhausted as I wrote about the wild ride that was our first year at the new studio! I never thought we could top those 365 amazing days! Well, looking back, I think we’ve done it! Here are the significant moments of our sophomore season!