5x5 Deadlift + Press Form Emphasis

Published 04/10/2010

Can’t think of a better way to spend my rainy Friday night than hitting up a vacant URI gym.  Now that the pre-season has started, I’ve shifted from the Perfect Rep to a modified Stonglifts 5×5program for my strength WOD’s.  My focus is still accelerating the weight with perfect form, just going for a few more reps/sets now.  Yesterday I used weights that were lighter than normal but I’ll trade pride for performance (for the most part) anyday.  22 hrs since last meal and feeling clean, hit this:

  • CFWU x 1 round.  Snatch-OH Squat 95×5, clean-front squat 95×5 to get the blood flowing.  Then the PAP/PTF setup for the press.  Held 185lb for :20, slow negative (or eccentric in tech terms) @ 145lb for :10, then 145 x 2 – again a new PR!  This thing  works!
  • Main WOD was a deadlift/press superset: 5x(DL 235×5 + Press 105×5).  I don’t think I’ll superset next time so I can really concentrate on form.  I think it will be more effective at perfecting the movement than switching back and forth.  Critique of form/technique is definitely welcome here…
  • 1st set DL:
  • 5th set DL:

Never got more than 1 consecutive muscle-up before today but tweaked my form a little after reading this.  Great workout.  Not that this is a ground-breaking observation but I always get my best WOD’s after eating clean and sleeping well.  After slipping last week with a grand finale on Easter day, I’ve done a lot of IF and clean eating.  Reaping the benefits now…

P.S.  PWO = delicious slow-cooked rabbit in red wine, onions and baby carrots with some sweet potatoes and a little dark chocolate.

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