Active Rest - Puerto Rico

Published 05/25/2010

Vacation week!  No formal exercise was planned or needed for the seven days at La Isla del Encanto.  Of course, there was plenty of activities on the itinerary that called for some strength and endurance work.  Significant items are as follows:

Getting some breakfast for the day:

My buddy Mike Poland at Velauno hooked it up with a windsurfing lesson.  Spent a lot of time and effort picking up the sail and tacking into the wind:


Kayaking the Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo.  No pics or videos can justify this amazing experience.

Hiking to the top of El Yunque.

Ziplining and rapelling got canceled on us so we went “caving.”  We had no clue what we were in for and the language barrier really kept us guessing the entire time.  It was a combo of sliding up/down muddy trails, crossing rivers, and tubing through a cave to the Chubacabra Nest…

you know you’ve got a keeper when…

forgot the headlamp…

All of this mixed in with a ton of walking and some easy yoga sessions.  Nutrition was a predominately primal menu of fresh fruit: mangos that dropped into the pool provided snacks on the trail or in the car, coco frio from vendors on the side of the road; meat on a stick or pinchos; and other delicious Puerto Rican fare.  Non-primal indunglences were definitely had (a tour to the Cathedral of Rum and muchas Medallas) but damage control was in effect due to moving around so much.  All in all, awesome trip!

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