American Gladiator Training

Published 08/11/2010

How has it taken me this long to discover Brown Street Park?  I drove by this place a couple Saturdays ago but couldn’t get there until this past Saturday.  After surveying the scene and a quick warmup,

I created my own obstacle course and hit 3 rounds of the following:

  • ring swings
  • feet elevated flyes x 5
  • traveling dips on low parallel bars x 6-8 (dip, “walk”, dip, “walk”, etc.)
  • up and over cargo net
  • rope climb
  • tire flip x 5-6

This was the most fun I’ve had working out in a while.  The video below shows the swings and me starting the flyes but then getting slowed down by small talk.  Action starts around the :20 mark.  I cut filming after my little conversation and continued with the round.  I’ll probably go back this Saturday and will film a full round…

This was a fantastic way to start a Summer Saturday that followed with a trip to the farmers market and a rhody omelette.  A couple things to take away from this WOD: climbing the rope barefoot is not advisable if you value the skin on the top of your feet and grip strength is holding me back in certain areas and needs to be addressed.

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