Auto-regulated Weight Session

Published 04/14/2010

Just wasn’t feeling it yesterday.  Not sure if it was the the stressful work day or the lackluster sleep leading up to the WOD but something was “off”.  Walked in 22 hrs fasted and feeling pretty clean but could not get the motivational juices flowing.  I ended up pulling the plug (or auto-regulating) after a round of front squats.  Tossed away were the weighted chins and GHR playtime as planned.  Oh well.  Here’s what I did accomplish:

  • Warmup – CFWUx1 then the Cred 50×3, 65×3, 80×2, 90×1
  • Front Squats – 5×5 @175lbs.  Power clean from floor to catch position as CNS prime.
  • C2 Rower – 5 min. with 3x 0:15 sprints all out.

Done.  Today is a new day; one that will include golf in lieu of “exercise” because it’s absolutely beautiful out.  Will I feel guilty about not getting a “good workout” in a few days?  Nope because I’m listening to my body.  It’s asking for a walk in the sun and I will happily oblige.

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