Basement Bike Sprints and Strength Movements

Published 02/23/2011

The 2 week old tenderfoot caused me pull the plug on an OH Squat WOD I had planned for the weekend.  Since I was set on doing something, I headed back to the basement and saddled up on the newly ebay-acquired fluid bike trainer.  As some of you may know, I don’t really enjoy cycling and consequently am not particularly good at it.  So without many alternatives, I thought I’d get the blood up and the lungs burning while practicing my technique.

After a warmup with some POSE cycling drills, I hit a quick and intense tabata session.  Total time with cooldown = 25 min.  Plenty on that seat for me.

Tues – Familiar-looking strength WOD

WU: hydromassage for 15 min, joint mobility circuit, then 2 rounds of a KB complex of one arm swings, high pulls, squat clean + press, snatches

Deadlift: 295×3, 3, 319×3, 335×3 (new PR)

Press: 135×3, 3, 140×3, 145×3, 151×2 (new PR)

Side “falls” on USA x 5, 5, 5

Forgot the camera for this one but I’ll be doing the side fall things again in the future…

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