Bold r Dash in the Mud - 4th Edition

Published 10/01/2014

Wow, how time flies!  Bold r Dash holds a special place in my heart for a couple reasons: it’s in RI and it was the first event for Los Neuty Osos!  I remember being so excited that I forgot my shoes!  Then that started to become a thing…anyway, here are the highlights from an awesome training program at Neuty and an awesome event at Yawgoo!

Back in 2011:

Bold 2011

Neuty Then…More Grass, Less People.

Bold 2011 (2)

Original Osos!


We’ve grown a bit since our inaugural mud run/ocr!

Bold 2014

Solid Crowd at the Summit!

Upgraded Team Shirts!

Upgraded, High Vis Team Shirts!

After 10 weeks of training skills and hills at Neuty, our big green team (aka Los Tootsie Osos) had a blast!  I saw folks tootsie-rolling, shoulder-crawling, chest carrying, tripod transitioning, giving out 8-finger boost baskets, and in general, moving like highly trained humans, which I guess they are!

As always, Bold r Dash does a great job at making their events fun and scaleable!  They added some cool new obstacles; I especially liked the lateral spider traverse, the fireman’s pole, and playing around on the new monkey bar rig!  Of course the Slip n Slide is the highlight!  If you’re not sure how to Slip n Slide, check out our instructional video below:

Here is the 6 minute video recap.  I believe the words “tootsie roll” are used at least a half dozen times!

Thanks to Lynn and the Bold r Dash crew, and my team, Los Tootsie Osos!

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