Chicken Stew

Published 12/11/2012

From the First Laidy...

Ryan and I are part of a CSA that provides us with all natural, grass-fed beef and chicken and I love it all but sometimes I have to do some research in order to use it, this time it was stewing chicken!?!?! Exactly….. what the hell is that?  Well I found out that I had to boil it and if it had a tough skin I had to take it off and then boil it again with all of the fixings.  Well lucky for me the skin was not that tough and I remembered that awhile ago Ryan and I made a chicken stock the same way that we made the beef stock and we had stuck it in the freezer (I love it when I save things and then actually use them later on instead of just throwing it out).

I took my stewing chicken and boiled in it water for 15 mins and then drained the water and put in my chicken stock along with 3 carrots, 3 celery stalks, 1 medium-sized onion and 1 large leek along with some sea salt and pepper! I then let that simmer for an hour and a half on low heat stirring every so often.  Once that time was up I took the chicken out and let it sit for about a 30 min (enough time for it to cool so I could touch it with my bare hands) and cut it into small bite sized pieces. Threw all the chucks into the pot and cooked it for another 30 mins and now I have an amazing lunch for tomorrow :)

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