Easy Going = Easy Goals

Published 12/13/2011

At the risk of being a one-dimensional blogger, I’m going to write yet another post about the minimalist training phenomenon.  With the New Year and its accompanying resolutions on the horizon, now is the time to set Realistic goals for 2012, aka the one that will really be different!  So what does that mean, and does it really work?

I’ll explain.  Yes.

I implore the overtrainer, the everyday-or-it-doesn’t-count scheduler, the no pain no gain subscriber: take it easy!  There are millions of articles and blog posts (and even agovernment published recommendation) about this topic that argue both sides of the training frequency debate.  All I’m saying is try taking the “easy” way out!  That means aim low; it’s the best strategy to avoid disappointment and live a balanced life all year round.

Your past: hitting it hard in January in a crowded “fitness center” loaded with form-fitting (like it or not) getups and that new-shoe smell emanating from treadmills and ellipticals; going in daily sore, tired, but determined; fading out on/before Valentine’s Day.

Your future: easing into a 2-3 day/week program; rocking bare feet or thin-to-win kicks; ramping up the intensity but keeping duration and frequency at a minimum throughout the year!

The catch?  Eating well is paramount to your success.

But what if I get cranky when I don’t get my Recommended Daily Intake of steady state cardio endorphins?  Walk.  Just walk.

Now don’t get me wrong, “easy” doesn’t apply to the 2-3 hours per week during your workouts.  That period of time will kinda suck.  And it should.  Make it suck hard, as hard as you can make it, then chill.

Suck Sessions Recap (12/10 + 12/13)

Saturday was a beauty.  I used a half hour window to take part in a suck/easy mixed session (i.e. sprint/walk/repeat).  On average, I walked 2-3 minutes easy, sprinted at an all-out grunting effort pace between 2-3 telephone poles, walked until my panting subsided for a total of 7-8 suck reps.  The sprints sucked but the walking was lovely.

Editors note: the term “suck” will now be referred to as “discomfort.”

Tuesday’s indoor discomfort strength session:

Warmup – Real Deal Kettlebell Complex @ 24 kg.  This was described a while ago using a 16 kg.  One of my goals for 2012 will be to perform this 2 minute lunge burner with the sky blue 32.

Deadlift – a bunch of feeler sets with the last one being a PR as far as strength:weight ratio or mass specific force is concerned.  Last set = 2.13xbw x 3 reps.

Weighted pullups – did mostly 3 finger pullups with the 40 lb weighted vest due to my rock climbing aspirations.  Last set = bw + 92.9lbs x 1 rep using 4 fingers and 1 thumb.

Weighted pushups – a few variations of this classic strength move.  Here’s a little clip (please excuse the sound effects) of a set of 2 with bw + 75lbs.

And now it’s time to chill.  I’m going all-out!


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