First Laidy's Couch to 5k Experiment

Published 05/22/2012

I’m not really a couch person but you get the idea…a while ago Ryan asked me if I would participate in a 5k.  I’m not into events – they’re just not my thing.  Not to mention I hate running.  I DO NOT RUN.  I HATE RUNNING.  Anyway, he wanted me to be his guinea pig; to run a racewithout actually doing much running at all to get ready for it.  I eventually caved.

This “race” called Warrior Dash is now three weeks away and I really have done nothing to prepare for it (aka “sticking to the plan”).  It’s similar to Tough Mudder but not as long and not as tough (thank god!).  Ryan thinks that I will be good to go in three weeks!  AHHH!!!  The plan is that I will work out with him twice a week doing either a kettlebell class, or the Tough Mudder training class at Neuty and stick to the primal ways of clean eating.  I am not sure (well I KNOW) I will not be able to make it completely clean for the next three weeks because wine and sweetened coffee are a big part of my routine but I am going to try!  Last night was my first real training session and I left there sweating and again this is something that I HATE doing (sweating that is, the classes are actually fun)!  Wish me (and him) luck and I’ll keep you posted!

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