First Laidy's First Adventure Race

Published 06/19/2012

So warrior dash is officially over and I survived!!! Last Sunday was such a beautiful day.  I started off by having some much needed water to hydrate and some bananas on the hour long trip down to the Dash. Once we got there and checked in (they didn’t have our race packets so we can’t find out our actual finish time) we were met by a few fellow LbFers! I was nervous….. I bit off all of my nails while waiting for our time to shine! I also could not stop talking about the turkey leg and beer that I would get when I was done!

Ryan knowing and thinking that this race would be easy decided to do it in just a pair of board shorts…. No shirt no shoes! Then it was finally here: the 3,2,1 go (except we really didn’t “go” because of the huge amount of people)!  Then there was more of a wait leading to the next three or four obstacles because people I am guessing really did not want to get dirty right away and were probably scared of what was under the mud!  Once we hit the .5mile marker (where some people were already walking) we were on our way. I was surprised at how good I felt and I was doing most of the obstacles with ease. On some of the difficult ones Ryan would stay on the ground making sure if I did fall off I would land on him!  The last one before we got to the finish line was probably the worst one because it was a huge pit of muddy water (think melted soft serve ice cream) and we had to use our arms to crawl through it while lovely barbed wire was above our heads! I had to get washed off by a fire hose to get the mud (which was up to my neck) off of me and there was still a ton left after that!

I pretty much ran the entire thing except for a few spots where I felt dehydrated because it was 91 degrees out and I was so friggen hot that I had to stop and walk for a second.  But I really did not stop for long I really tried to push through it! We finished about 2 minutes after one of the LbF members who finished at 41 minutes so I am guessing we were around 43 minutes. I honestly have to say that if there was not so much back-up at the different obstacles I would have been in way under 40! All in all I have to say the LbF couch to 5k program worked! My hip bothered me a little the day after but I walked it out and had my personal trainer do some stretches on it and now it feels great! I would definitely do one of these events again and in fact I am even looking forward to it!


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