Forget "Someday" – How to Make Your Health Goals Happen Now

Published 08/15/2019

One of our original TransforMISSIONaries has made major health improvements since committing to our 4-week lifestyle challenge, but Christina's entry to LbF wasn't immediate. Like many others who consider a new fitness regimen, she was hesitant to commit. Christina shares why we need to stop waiting for "someday" to make our health goals happen, and how the mental, physical and emotional benefits of a consistent approach to fitness are priceless.


Christina's InBody Composition Test Results from May 2018 to August 2019
She lost 18 lbs. & 12.2% body fat!


"I always liked what LbF was about and heard great things from friends, but I thought I was so “busy” and didn’t know if I could make it work financially at the time. I was active, but always burnt out mentally and physically. I also thought protein shakes were the [best approach for] my lifestyle at the time. However, every time I saw a post or event with LbF, I kept saying “those are the kinds of people who I want to be around and that’s the kind of training that I want to do.”

I hated gyms with machines and wanted more functional and outdoor training that would help me become a more well-rounded athlete in a better environment of people. I spent a few years waiting for “someday” and the “right time” to happen until one day I decided to jump in on the TransforMISSION. With the positive life adjustments I’ve made after joining LbF, it is now a must in my schedule. LbF has been more beneficial physically and mentally (and is much more affordable) than the less healthy lifestyle that I was living. I wish there was a magic button to help convince people to join because people really don’t understand how awesome it is until they actually start. Too many are missing out!"

– Christina Markrush

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