Gaining Health with Gradual Changes: Christina’s Story

Published 09/20/2018

Our 4-Week TransforMISSION uses a holistic and simple approach to help our clients improve their fitness level, achieve better health and enjoy life a bit more. What did one of our participants have to say about her experience? We chat all things mindset and motivation in this Q&A with our client Christina.

What made you commit to the 4-Week TransforMISSION?

I've always loved what LbF was about and was really ready to focus on my health goals, so I decided to jump in. I wanted to get in better shape, build some strength to overcome some upper body injuries and work on my overall athleticism. I knew it was the best way to hold myself accountable and give me the motivation that I had been seeking.

What separates the LbF TransforMISSION from other transformation challenges you've done in the past or know of?

I had never been encouraged to keep a journal in other challenges, but it has really made a difference. I’m more successful with reaching my goals when I have to check things off of a list, and it’s taught me how to address what I'm lacking and hold myself accountable. I’ve learned that being healthy is about more than just exercise and eating right.

Also, with this challenge, you never feel alone. Everyone has their own goals, lifestyles, fitness levels and schedules, but we all want to see each other succeed. The group mentality is all about sharing advice and triumphs to help others overcome challenges.

Plus, LbF is not "in your face" like many other places and I really appreciate how the trainers treat everyone. During the classes, Ryan, Eddie and all of the other staff get you to challenge yourself without being intimidating, so you feel more comfortable about diving into workouts outside of your comfort zone. Finally, the skills you work on are more functional for everyday life, rather than focused on just strength and endurance.

What was your favorite part of the challenge?

Utilizing the journal and coming to a variety of classes with like-minded people has been the best part of the challenge for me! Participating in this has been the best thing I've done for myself in a long time.

That’s awesome! What was the greatest benefit that you personally experienced?

Creating a more balanced and positive lifestyle has been the biggest plus for me. I loved getting in the routine of waking up early and taking classes with fun people. I've cut down on a ton of sugar, lost body fat, become stronger and more mobile and am learning how meal prep for success. I've learned to take time for myself, which was always really difficult. My mood has improved tremendously too – I have a lot less anxiety and stress. Thank you, journal!

I've cut down on a ton of sugar, lost body fat, become stronger and more mobile and am learning how meal prep for success.

Has your view of health/fitness/nutrition changed since the TransforMISSION?

Through the TransforMISSION, I've learned that you don't have to be a crazy maniac to be healthy. Small, gradual changes add up quickly. It's all about balance, not depriving yourself and killing yourself at the gym every day. I never thought my fridge contents would look the way they do now.

Sweet, Christina! What’s your advice for someone considering the TransforMISSION?

A few things that have helped me get through the challenge: 1. Don't be so hard on yourself – we're all works in progress, 2. Bring a friend or make one there to hold yourself accountable – it's a lot easier and more enjoyable when you "struggle" together and 3. Make time for yourself, utilize the groups and don't be afraid to ask questions – many people have the same ones. Lastly, enjoy the process! 

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