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Published 05/19/2017

You know by now that we’re big fans of Tough Mudder.

With ice dumpsters to dive in, mountains to scale and live wires to walk through, how could we not be crazy (about this event)?

In 2017, 37 individuals committed to 16 weeks of hill training at our two favorite spots – Neutaconkanut Hill Park (“Neuty”) and the Sand Dunes in West Greenwich, the scene of our favorite summer running class. That's 16 Sundays of sprints and skills through snow, sand and sunshine. For our 11th group training program to date, we think that’s something to rave about. 

So what are our participant saying about this year’s training?

Ed Forer, Tough Mudder Rookie:

I've never done a Tough Mudder, so I was intimidated at first, but I feel the combination of classes and the Sunday training will make me as prepared as anyone can be for their first time at Mount Snow! My greatest feeling of accomplishment has been being able to sustain running for longer distances on the trails and being able to massively improve my coordination in the gym. I wasn't making much progress with my fitness using YouTube videos, but having a group of awesome people who really support you make it massively easier to make improvements. I'm very happy I decided to do this and look forward to continuing long past Mount Snow. I can't imagine going back to not having classes and Sunday training as a part of my life.

Briana Windle, Tough Mudder Rookie:

I joined this group because I have a Spartan race coming up and it seemed like an appropriate training. I’m beyond grateful to be able to be participating in this 16-week program and wish it was continuing throughout the rest of the summer! I’ve noticed improvements in my running during the week and my overall energy level. Most importantly, what’s really improved is my confidence in my ability to tackle things that are outside my comfort level. I feel fortunate to be around a group of people whom I barely know who are always super supportive and encouraging as I’m trudging up Neuty or sinking into the sand at the Dunes. I’m a big believer in challenging fears, however big or small, and the Tough Mudder training has enabled me to do just that.

Ali McGowan, 5x Tough Mudder Legioneer:

This is my fifth Tough Mudder and my sixth season of training, and I've got to say, this has been my favorite experience so far! My favorite part of this season has been the alternative weekends at the Sand Dunes and Neuty. The Dunes gives us an opportunity to focus on speed, while Neuty is perfect for practicing skills in a setting that poses the same terrain and challenges as Mount Snow. The greatest thing I've gained from completing Tough Mudders is the fact that true magic happens outside of your comfort zone. I've learned we're capable of achieving much more than we think sometimes, especially when we've got a band of mentally insane (read: bad ass) people alongside us.

All obstacles aside — there’s something about Tough Mudder that keeps us coming back year after year. We’re not sure if it’s the camaraderie we build, the epic after-party or the unshakable feeling of accomplishment, but we do know we finish these events feeling stronger, tougher and invigorated.


 Join our 2018 program from 1/28/18 to 5/13/18 here! 



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