High Heels and Thin Soles

Published 02/10/2012

From the First Laidy...

So everyone that knows me knows I love my heels. I mean LOVE my heels. I wear them when I work and when I go out.  They are usually anywhere from 4-6 inches and I LOVE them!! Yet when I have my down time I am in my favorite pair of sneakers. Like most people I wore regular old sneakers and thought more about how cute they looked with my outfit instead of what they were doing for my body and feet.

Then Ryan led me into the world of minimalist shoes. I started off with the Nike free 5.0 which is amazing and an easy “transition” to a more barefoot feel. I had these for a good year and could feel my feet getting stronger and my arches getting higher (so of course the height of my high heels grew as well:)).  Once it was time to get new sneaks I was encouraged to go thinner.

So I then went to the Nike free 3.0.  It was an adjustment but they did not let me down. I felt my feet getting stronger and now I was on a mission to see how minimal I could handle (while of course having the cute factor and not wearing those ugly five finger ones – yes Ryan owns them ha). I found a new (to me) shoe that is still cute and feels like I have almost nothing on my feet. The Merrel Paceglove is a great shoe that I can do any type of workout or walking around and feel completely comfortable in!!!

Cute and Functional!

Now do not go out right away and get these if your feet are not ready for them because they will HURT!! Take it slow and see what feels the best for you!!  Hopefully you can find a pair that you love just as much as I love my Merrells (which is almost as much as my heels)!!

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