Hiking and Riding in RI's "Backcountry"

Published 02/01/2011

What better way to train to be a better rider than to “earn” each run the old-fashioned way!  In between trips up north I kept the edges sharp on RI’s urban slopes. 

First at Mount Crestwood – back in the day when we raced our sleds in the backyard it was considered an epic run if you could make it to the yard after the next down the hill.  Well, 2011 is a little different story on a snowboard and thanks to some clearing by others in the hood.  As a result, this day turned into decent Tuck’s training since the “run” ended up being about 1/8 mile long.  Spent an hour+ cruizin down and burnin the quads on the way up.  Awesome day!

More recently I dragged LL along to Neutaconkanut Hill Park in Providence.  And not just Providence, Silver Lake! 

There were a few different runs to choose from here.  The one below starts above the guardrail with some fresh pow then hits some hard packed mogully stuff.  On the way up, I sold out and hit the steep part as hard as possible!  Then after a few minutes of rest, coasted down like so (FF to 0:15)…

After a few of those I raced up a much smaller and less steep run a bunch of times and hit the little skate park with minimal speed…

Next time I go I’ll hopefully bring home some more impressive footage.


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