Impromptu Sprint/Plyo Session

Published 11/30/2010

Hello old friends!  As it always seems to happen, the planned WOD was revised once again tonight.  Before heading out to BFC for a strength session, I had to let out the dog to do her thing…Well she took off running and inspired me to do the same (and not just to save myself from the wrath of LL).  Since it felt right, I was game for a change. 

The dog’s nose lead us across the street to the Industrial Park where we setup our outdoor gym.  A basketball court in the middle of a grass field, a couple picnic tables, a set of stairs, and a volleyball net pole were plenty. 

Warmup – walking lunges, box jumps on the picnic table, clap pushups with feet on the picnic table, “build” sprints

Then in no particular order a random superset of:

  • sprint length of court (on grass), bear crawl across width, sprint down other side x4 or 5?
  • burpee box jumps on picnic table then on a stone wall approx 3′ high x 3 sets of 10 +/-
  • handstand pushups off the volleyball pole x 2 sets of 10
  • bench dips between picnic table x 15
  • Grand Finale = all out suicide on grass adjacent to court

15-20 minutes start to finish

The walk back was a nice cooldown.  You know you’ve made a spontaneous decision when you come home to an open front door and a fully lit first floor!  Armed with adrenaline and a vicious silky terrier, I was ready for any intruders.  Of course, any potential thiefs probably thought they were being setup to have such an easy take.

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