Is That All You Got, Winter?

Published 02/19/2014

At this point in the year, everyone I talk to is “all set” with Winter.  Our skin longs for the sun on these cold and short days, we’ve gotten our fill of shoveling and ice scraping, and we’re tired of all those people on the roads who “don’t know how to drive.”  We just want to open up the windows and air out our homes and spirits!

Well, this weekend, I woke up determined not to let this season slow me down.  In fact, this is why I train HOW I train

After a 6″ dusting, I shoveled out my walkways and driveway before heading to the Sand Dunes with Los Neuty Osos.  While shoveling, I applied my raw deadlift strength + kettlebell skills +MovNat mindfulness to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

I was already feeling pretty accomplished and excited by the time the group met at the Park and Ride.  After shuttling to the dunes we hiked in the deep snow and charged up the frozen sand hills.  From the tops we descended via sled or snowboard.  The temps didn’t reach the 30’s but we were all sweating and soaking up the rays of the bright Winter Sun!  It was challenging and fun!  Sound familiar?

Osos Sand Dunes

After an hour and a half of work and play, a small group of hearty Osos and one Frozen Clam, drove out to Goddard Park to rinse off.  We gathered about 3 minutes before noon, stripped down, sprinted into the high tide (thankfully significantly higher than on 1/1/14), and dried off on the cold sand.  The brisk wind assisted in our drying efforts and motivated us to change quickly!

Goddard Feb Plunge

So that’s right, Winter, I now declare you my bitch!  I shoveled, sledded, snowboarded, and swam on a beautiful February Day!

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