It's A Celebration...Fasting as Damage Control

Published 07/08/2010

Where you been bro?  All kinds of life events have taken precedence over formal exercise with yesterday being the first WOD since the goddid pahk tri (see post below for proof, that’s 10 days for those keeping score at home).  However, I was able to keep the CNS awake and the blood flowing via a cameo role as a greenhorn on a roofing crew.  Took a vacation from the desk job and spent three days sweating through my t-shirts:

  • Warmup – one/two layer strip.  If you’ve never done it, wearing gloves helps a little but your hands will look like you just did 500 kipping pullups.  Picture using a shovel as a pry bar at a rate of 100-150 “pings”/minute for a few consecutive hours.
  • Main – hump bundles of roofing shingles up ladder, spread around and pass to the gunmen.  Spent several hours/day slinging around a stiffer version of a 90lb sandbag up and down some seriously uneven terrain.
  • Cooldown – N/A.  Worked like a dog from 7-5 with no pee breaks (the water I was drinking didn’t get down that far).  For food I snuck in a pre-made primal smoothie, walnuts, or apple when nobody was looking.  For the most part though IF was a major player.  I definitely gained appreciation for the crew.  Hopefully I gained some “field cred” out of this as well.

Following the roofing experience were a few days of celebrating our nation’s independence and giving up my own to one lucky lady.  In all honesty, I couldn’t feel better about this move…

What’s more romantic than weeding?

That spot look familiar?

Consequently, and in classic American style, we ate and drank to celebrate.  Was this the time to hold back and be “that guy” again?  I didn’t think so, at least not this weekend.  Those who’ve seen me in action know that when I decide to let it rip, I hold nothing back.  Damn that was fun!  So it was no surprise on Tuesday a.m. to see an inflated number on the scale.  Enter IF.  Having served my penance over the last few days for the (personally justifiable) debauchery, I’m now back to normal.  I capped it off after last night’s beach sprint session by waiting until today’s lunch for nourishment not from storage.   At the moment, feeling light and clean as I type this.  So about last night…

  • Warmup – POSE drills with some calisthetics
  • Main – beach sprints x 50 yds +/- with minimal rest like so: all out, walk back the “over run” distance to the starting line, sprint back.  4 x on the soft stuff then 6x near the shoreline.
  • Cool – a dip in the red tide at East Matunuck.  Not the most refreshing but effective nonetheless.



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