Jo-Ann S.: From Beginner to Badass

Published 05/31/2018

In 2018, we helped our clients kiss their comfort zones goodbye by establishing realistic goals for them to achieve throughout the year. How did LbF regular and co-host of our Frozen Clam Obstaplunge Jo-Ann S. turn her 3-month goal into a reality? Consistent hard work and a positive attitude.

Jo-Ann, what inspired you to join LbF?

I first joined LbF because I was unable to lose weight and had consistent joint and hip pain. I was diagnosed with moderate arthritis in my hip and knew that movement would help. Little did I know what a difference exercising would make on my mind and body.

What was one of the biggest health-related struggles you faced prior to joining?

Finding something that truly worked for me. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, working out at home, walking and strength training. Throughout all of these efforts, my workouts never reached the intensity of the ones I do at LbF. I know now that I can go all out on days I feel strong, and dial it back when my body needs a rest. But no matter how I’m feeling, I continue to show up and do the work.

Tell us about one of your goals for 2018.

My 3-month goal was complete 10 reps of 2-handed kettlebell swings with a 24kg bell. I crushed it with not 10, but 12 reps!

That’s awesome! How did that feel?

Amazing. Setting and hitting this goal showed me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and definitely made me proud of myself. My new mantra is “I am a badass.” That’s something I can’t help but smile at!

What makes LbF different from other fitness studios and gyms?

The workouts at LbF combine mobility, strength and a cardio sprint. I would never push myself this hard in a traditional gym, and the class environment, great instructors and focus on form and function make working out here fun and sustainable. Plus, everything is adaptable to your fitness level, injuries or limitations. I never thought I’d be able to do a Turkish getup without assistance because of my hip, but with coaching and persistence, I can now.

You’re just over one year into your fitness journey here. What has the first year been like for you?

Since joining LbF 13 months ago, I’ve lost 14 pounds and gained muscle, and can easily stand up from off the floor unassisted. During last year’s primal challenge, I gave up grains and learned that I had a gluten sensitivity. Who knew? My joints no longer ache and I’m able to carry 50 pounds of firewood for our fireplace, multiple bags of groceries and big bags of dog food into our house without pain. The best part? I’ve been doing this with my daughter – it has been so fun to watch how strong she’s becoming.




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