LbF Is Branching Out!

Published 02/06/2012

Changes are coming to your favorite Fitness Blog!  The First Lady of LbF, aka LL, now known as LM, who’s been featured in several of our posts (see here, here, here and here), will be contributing her insight on food and fitness from a unique and (imo) often hilarious perspective!  Look for Laurie’s recipes, thoughts on footwear (possibly including those with high heels), and rants on living with a health enthusiast (or “crazie” as she lovingly proclaims) in the near future!  Best way to describe the delivery of her opinion is shown below:

First Laidy on the Big Screen

Although Laurie looks the part, there are very few pictures of her actually exercising on file!  Check this one from six months (and approximately 4-5 sessions) ago.  She’ll be sharing her secrets with you shortly…

LL Single-leg Deadlift on Balance Beam


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