Mountain Bike Beach Sprint Sandwich

Published 08/14/2010

In the spring of last year I wrecked myself on my mountain bike riding down the trails at Arcadia.  It’s been taking up space and collecting dust in my basement ever since.  Until yesterday.  With screaming quads, ominous clouds and 4 hours of driving under my belt, I fought off the urge to make like this guy…

…and just went for it.  This was a case where the truth hurt after interpreting the body’s message.  Sore?  Yes.  Tired?  Kinda.  Able to perform a high quality WOD?  (Sigh) Yes.  (Quick note: IMO the honest answer to the last question is the most important.  If you can’t go, you can’t go.  If you can go, then don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk!)  A quick pep talk ensued followed by a last look at the sky.  “Ah let’s go.”

  • Mountain Bike on the streets – 15 min to Gaspee Point Beach with mixed cadence and intensity
  • Beach Sprints – Accelerate to full sprint then maintain “top speed” for 5-10 seconds x 6.  Then all-out efforts for 50-60 yds x 2
  • Mountain Bike on the streets and trails – 45 min +/-

Compared to my tri bike with its 120 psi tires, I felt like I was riding on rims out there.  I assume this will make me a better overall biker in a conjugal way.  On the way back I took a detour to explore some trails behind the Pawtuxet Industrial Park.  I wish I had known these trails were there during the epic flood because it would’ve saved me from bushwhacking through the woods to safety.  Oh well, next time. 

Overall this was a worthwhile venture and I did not get caught in the rain.  PWO meal = nothing.  After burnin it up on the beach and biking out the rest of the stored glycogen in my muscles, I relied on ketones to get me through to the next day.  I firmly believe this is the major factor that contributed to the deepest and most restful sleep of the week!  Even though I only got 6 hours, I woke up refreshed and ready to go.  Another benefit to wonders of IF.


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