Ninja Profile: Asa "The Beast"

Published 05/31/2019

Say hello to one of our ninjas, Asa D. also known as “The Beast.”

Since starting our Young Ninjas Program one and a half years ago, Asa’s mom has noticed increased confidence, agility and physical strength in her son. Even better, “Asa loves to help and cheer on his fellow ninjas,” helping to build teamwork and contribute the positive energy in our Jungle!

Asa shows off his strength beside Coach Tom!

Get to know Asa:

Age: 7

His fellow ninjas call him: “The Beast”

Asa’s greatest ninja accomplishment to date is: completing the I-Beam

His go-to trick: A 180

His ninja inspiration: The “Flying Phoenix,” American Ninja Warrior contestant Najee Richardson

His advice to new ninjas: "Work hard and have fun!"

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