Ninja Strength Block

Published 11/10/2014

Alas, another “no-time-for-blogging” introduction.  It’s been a while since I posted anything about my workouts.  As I’ve written before, I work in 4 week “blocks.”  It just works for me physically and mentally.  My goals for this block were to improve my Ninja status and get stronger.  Since this is my “off season,” I’ll be doing less running and more strength work.  This makes sense given the demands of ANW.

I chose Deadlifts, presses, kettlebell squats and weighted “hang complexes” (dead hang, active hang, pullup, slow negative) as my big 4.  Since I’m coming off a wrist injury that prevented me from deadlifting and barbell pressing for 5 months, I started light and easy.  Here goes:

Week #1

A. Strength 

WU: kettlebell arm bars – 16kg x 1ea, 20kg x 1ea.  Rotational swing throw/catch – 30# x 5ea,5ea

Main: DL – 295×5, 275×5.  Press – 105×5, 95×5.

Combo (4 supersets of):

Atlas Stone Lap to Shoulder – 115 x 1ea, 130 x 1 ea, 145 x 1ea, 155 x 1ea

Handstand pushups at wall x 3,3,3,3

Finisher: Row 500m – 1:21

B. Ninja

I participate in our Wednesday Ninja Skills class.  This class is one hour of strength and skills required to conquer the course!  It’s fun, effective, and badass.  Here are the video highlights!

C. Strength

WU: 1-arm dead hangs – 0:20 x 3 ea.  ViPR squat reach – 8kg x 5,5,5

Main: Double Kettlebell Squat – 20kg x 5, 16kg x 5.  Weighted hang complex – 8kg x 5, 6kg x 5

Combo (2 supersets of):

Vert/depth jumps 30″ box x 10,10

Rope climb – 2″ rope x 7′ x 2,2

Finisher: Jump to popup x 5 – I really like this move as it brings a couple of skills together (i.e. jumping and climbing)!

Week #2

A. Strength

WU: kettlebell arm bars – 20kg x 2ea, 24kg x 1ea.  Rotational swing throw/catch – 30# x 5ea,5ea,5ea.

Main: DL – 305×5, 275×5.  Press – 115×5, 105×5.

Combo (4 supersets of):

Atlas Stone Lap to Shoulder – 130 x 1ea, 145 x 1 ea, 155 x 1ea, 175 x 1ea

Wall climber to handstand pushups at wall x 3,3,3,3

Finisher: Row 500m – 1:18.5

B. Ninja Class!

C. Strength

WU: 1-arm hang complex – 3 ea arm.  ViPR walking lunges with halo – 8kg x 50′,50′.

Main: Double Kettlebell Squat – 24kg x 5, 20kg x 5.  Weighted hang complex – 10kg x 5, 8kg x 5.

Combo (2 supersets of):

Broad jumps @7′ x 8,8

Rope climb – 2″ rope x 7′ x 3,3

Finisher: Jump to popup x 5

Week #3

A. Strength

WU: arm bars – 20kg, 24kg, 55# x 1 ea.  Rot swing throw/catch – 30# x 5ea,5ea,5ea

Main: DL – 315×5, 285×5.  Press – 125×5,115×5


Stone-shoulder – 145x1ea,155x1ea,175x1ea

Wall climber to handstand pushup at wall x 3,3,3

Finisher: Row 500m – 1:17.3

B. Ninja Class!

C. Strength

WU: 1-arm hang complex x 3ea.  ViPR walking lunges with halos – 8kg x 50′

Main: Doub KB Squat –  28kgx5, 24kgx5.  Weighted hang comp – 12kg x 5, 10kg x 4+1


swing jumps x 3each direction

rope climb 2″ x 7′ x 3 reps

Jump to popup at tree x 6

Finisher: New Kettlebell complex at 28kg x 5 each arm

Week #4

No strength workouts!

A. Ninja Class!

I love rest week!  I still move but don’t do anything challenging.  I feel that this allows me to heal up and regenerate.  It also gives me a little motivation during week #3 to push myself knowing that I’ll have the next week off.


This was a good way to get back into a regular lifting routine after a pretty long hiatus.  I feel like my #’s will be back in another 2 months or so and eventually I’ll set new PR’s by mid-winter.  Strength + Skill = Proficiency!  Throw in some more grip strength and I’ll be ready for ANW!

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