One Word: Tabata

Published 06/10/2010

I can’t believe I haven’t done a tabata routine since starting this thing!  It’s a lot of warmup for not a lot of exercise; another example of the intensity vs. volume paradigm. 

  • Warmup – modified crossfit warmup of OH Squats, pushups, pullups, dips, GHR, GHD Situps.  Then CFE warmup with POSE drills
  • Tabata sprints – 8x (20 sec on, 10 sec off) all out efforts.  I don’t know how much distance I lost from the 1st sprint to the 8th but I tried to finish as strong as possible.  Total distance = roughly 1300m in 3:50.
  • Cooldown – walk around, lay on back and drain out legs (this feels awesome after a tough session), stretch out
  • Bonus round – knew I’d have some hormones flowing so hit a snappy set of muscle-ups x 5.  A new PR!  Crazy how the body responds.  On my previous best day I did 3 max.  Thank yousympathetic nervous system!
  • PWO = nada.  Fueled by ketones til the next morning. 

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