Passive Rest in Orlando

Published 10/24/2013

If you’ve been reading this for a while, you know that we like to get away from our beloved little state every once in a while.  Typically we chill and mix in some strenuous activity or go onadventures that could easily end up on When Vacations Attack!  This one was a little different…

With the F.L. carrying our 1st born and a few extra lbs (it’s ok I can say that, I think!), I embraced the excuse to do a whole lotta nothing in FL.  In between some time at the pool, at the bar (lots of sports, some Yuenglings), and in the hotel room reading about childbirth, we managed to get in some noteworthy activity:

  • A return trip to the Great Floridian Triathlon in Clermont!  We were staying about 30 minutes away from the longest workout of my life!  And since it was actually the same weekend of the race, we drove out there to cheer on some folks and Laurie got to hear me reminisce on ol’ times.  All of the Ironman participants were out on the bike course which allowed me to take a (much shorter) swim in Lake Minneoloa!
6 Years Later!

6 Years Later!

  • MovNat “snacks” – this term floats around a lot in the trainer and alumni forum.  I started just about every day with a few minutes on the resort playground.  It was pretty clear that I’m just a grown-up kid when I got a little cranky waiting for the other kids to be done before I could get a turn!
  • Exploratory “free run” through Downtown Disney and surrounding areas – I got up “early” (i.e. before 11am) to go for a fun run through the crowds and natural obstacles that presented themselves at this wild place!  My plan was to run in several different “gears”, avoid taking out any kids/strollers, and play on the walls, bollards, benches, railings, etc. while maintaining at least a jogging pace.  I’ve been doing this lately in my runs around here because I personally find that strictly running for more than 5 minutes sucks!  This was fun!
  • Oh and FYI jumping trees is the new climbing trees!

That’s it, literally!  This was the most passive vacation we’ve ever taken…and it was fabulous!  Thank you very much to BNI for sending us out there!  As mentioned previously, I definitely belong to the best networking group out there!

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