Playtime in the Big Boy Sandbox

Published 05/26/2010

Back to the dunes on a beautiful day.  Used the surroundings to create a fun but challenging metcon.

  • Warmup – run to big dune, crawl up, run down, lunges, o/u hurdles, pushups, sprint up dune, run down, walk/run to small dunes
  • Main – sandy metcon.  3 rounds for time of: sprint up/run down, 16 kg KB high pulls x 12/side, Turkish getups x 3/side, rear elevated pushups on tire x 10
  • 15:00 rx.  TGU’s are not easy.  Factor in bare feet and uneven sand and you have a killer core strengthening movement.  Here’s what the first round looked like.  I wish I could say rounds 2 and 3 were prettier… 
  • Cool down – hump KB and equip back to car x 1/4 mi.

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