Plunging for Fun(ds): The 2020 Frozen Clam Dip & Obstaplunge

Published 01/09/2020


On January 1, 2020, we rang in a new decade with new records! The 9th annual Frozen Clam Dip & Obstaplunge raised an all-time high donation of $14,177 for our beneficiary, MENTOR Rhode Island. That means more funds for mentoring and more opportunities to enrich the lives of local youth! 

But the day’s donations weren’t just monetary. We’re thankful for the volunteers and sponsors who donated their time to make the first day of 2020 one to remember.

Our goal is two-fold: To raise funds and awareness for MENTOR Rhode Island so that they can inspire youth-in-need to persevere through challenging times, and to help our clients maintain a more resilient mindset during whatever challenges this year may bring.

Since it's inception in 2012, the Frozen Clam Dip & Obstaplunge has raised more than $67,600 in donations for MENTOR Rhode Island. 

Frozen Clam Dip & Obstaplunge by the numbers:

$14,177 raised for MENTOR Rhode Island this year

500 spectators

200 volunteer hours of setup/breakdown

200 participants

70 Frozen Clam Dippers

130 Obstaplungers

26 sponsors

30+ volunteers

11 obstacles from our Warwick headquarters

1 way to start the New Year

MENTOR Rhode Island is a non-profit organization dedicated to the expansion of quality mentoring services for Rhode Island youth. In 2018, MENTOR Rhode Island lost $100,000 of funding for its Warwick Mentor Program. Our goal is to help assist in the success of the Warwick Program.

Our client, friend and CEO of MENTOR Rhode Island, Jo-Ann Schofield reminds us ho we can tap into mental toughness to overcome obstacles in the gym and in life. “With participation from others, we celebrated the New Year, the start of National Mentoring Month and the grit and determination it takes to overcome obstacles.”

The Frozen Clam Dip & Obstaplunge, along with our Annual Giving Tree, is part of our philanthropy program, LbF love, which seeks to give back to the local community.

Didn’t make it to our event? Check out scenes in some of the local press!

For more photos, check out our Facebook album here.

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