Rainy Beach Sprints and Mind Tricks

Published 07/22/2010

Editor’s note: I wanted to start this post with the Rocky 3 beach scene but all I could find were homo-erotic parodies on youtube so I went with one of Houston’s finest…

Ok now you have something to nod your head to as you read this…

While cruising up Rt. 1 looking for a proper beach on which to sprint, I remembered that article I read in the projo.  East Beach in Charlestown it is!  This place is pretty sweet; but isn’t surfable (body or otherwise) due to the sharp dropoff and late-breaking waves.  They were pretty powerful yesterday and thus were incorporated in the WOD.  Motivated by this post, I wanted to get a little more creative with the sprinting routine.  Speaking of, there are a million fitness blogs out there that can inspire with new ideas, remind one of forgotten movements, and demonstrate the many different (right and wrong) ways to exercise.  Find some that work for you and give them a try (mine are to the right).  Then use your judgement and tweak it to fit your style…

  • Got loose with some lunges, leg swings, burpees, jumping jacks, POSE drills and  “build” sprints (start slow then accelerate to full sprint)
  • 6 x all-out sprints in the soft sand @50yds +/-.  Started each with 10 mountain climbers or 2 burpees before hitting the sprint.  Distance varied depending on how long I could maintain my max velocity (sounds faster that way instead of “pace” or “speed”)
  • Football-style drill using the incoming tide and sharp dropoff: starting at the top of the drop I ran down to the line where the water receded (~5 yds), shuffled laterally (~10 yds), then when the wave hit and starting climbing the drop I tried to out run it in a backpedal (~5 yds).  Did this either 4 or 6 times.
  • 4 x all-out sprints @60-70yds on the hard stuff.  Picked a spot down the tideline and tried to beat the next incoming wave to the point.  The objective was to get the CNS more involved by creating a “need” to beat the wave and trick my semi-tired body to run faster.  I think it worked because I was gassed.
  • Rest periods for all the above were very limited due to black lightning clouds that were comin right for me (also helped with CNS stimulation).
  • Safe workout, crazy drive home!
  • PWO nutrition = nada.

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