Random vs Routine

Published 03/03/2011

This topic has been on my mind a lot lately…

Over the last six months I’ve gotten away from the normal 9-5 (or 7-5 really) working schedule and the routine that surrounds it.  Since then I’ve exercised more sporadically and haven’t had a regular nor set eating schedule.  Although the type of work I’ve been doing has been more physically challenging, it’s provided less opportunity to train when “fresh.”  In short, my “routine” has been “fractal” and (in my opinion) more aligned with the ways of our hunter gatherer ancestors.  During this period, I’ve been seeing better results when I do get to the gym, and I’m wondering if we’re programmed (I feel designed gets overused) for randomness and to respond and excel to the demands of now.  And when those demands wane, I’m thinking we’re supposed to rest and not feel bad about it.  I looked around the blogosphere for some posts to support this but only found this.  I’m sure there is something out there courtesy of Art Devany, Conditioning Research, MDA, TTP, etc.

On to the WOD.  Rolled into this one 22 hrs fasted, fueled by ketones and a couple cups of coffee…

Warmup – 15 min hydromassage, lunges, o/u hurdles, squat jumps, pullups, feeler sets

OH Squats – 135×3, 145×3, 155×3, 165×2.  Here is the set of 155:

The little blue ball was used for some additional shoulder mobility.  I got the idea from this link to help your handstand but figured it applied to the OH Squat.  Also, I don’t recommend that particular setup method for OH squatting, but when you’re sans squat rack one must improvise. 

Weighted chinups – 70×3, 75×3, 77×3, 82×3.  Here’s the set of 77:

No time for anything else today.


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