Run for Fun

Published 04/29/2010

I’m not a big fan of back-to-back hard days but (as usual) the schedule had to be tweaked for other life stuff.  Since it was cold and windy, headed to the URI indoor track and hit this lung-burner…


  • walking lunges, over/under hurdles, high knees, butt kicks.  all easy effort x 15-20 yds
  • The Cred 50×3, 60×3
  • Couple sprints and some POSE work

Then 2 rounds of this:

200, rest :35, 400, rest 1:20, 600, rest 2:15

All out efforts! 

Only did two rounds because I was going to brick this with a swim.  However, I experienced some serious cramping in the lower legs while walking around afterwards.  So decided to listening to my body…again.  Hoping to hear good signals soon since the last few have been asking for mercy.  I’m going to tweak a couple things and try to stretch more at work since I’ve been driving and at a desk so much lately.  We’ll see if any improvements result.

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