Sandbagging S.O.B.

Published 06/09/2010

With a satellite garden to tend on a beautiful Monday afternoon, I headed to the 2nd home in West Greenwich, RI for a quick metcon.  Equipment needed: open space + sandbag.  Here we go:

Warmup – walking lunges, walking knee-to-chestys, pushups, prisoner squats, 5 min run

Main – 5 rounds for time with 50 lbs of sand in a duffel bag:

  • Thrusters x 10
  • Single arm row x 5each
  • Explosive lateral pushups x 10
  • Zercher walk x 50 yds +/-

10:15 rx.

Here’s what round 1 looked like:

No ipods were hurt during the making of this video.


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