Sausage, Kale & Sweet Potato Soup

Published 01/27/2014

From the First Laidy...

I love pinterest and I am always on it looking for new recipes, things for my house, and now things for the baby!  I came upon a great recipe that looked easy to make and sounded yummy but just had to change a few things so my caveman would eat it!!  Lucky for this stormy weather and being knocked up I had no need to go outside and not much else to do so instead of eggs and bacon for lunch a really nice soup has been on the stove pretty much all morning!  I made mine on the stove but the woman who I stole the idea from made it in her Dutch oven and I am sure you could also put it in the crock pot all day too!

◦1 lb. sausage removed from casings

 ◦1 large sweet potato cut up into small bite sized pieces

◦1 large onion, chopped

 ◦3 strips of bacon

 ◦3 cups chopped kale

 ◦32oz. stock –I used and organic veggie stock

 ◦2 cups water

 ◦1 cup heavy cream

 ◦salt and pepper

I started by cooking the bacon in a large cast iron skillet, once fully cook place off to the side for later use. Then I cooked the sausage in the bacon fat, while this was cooking I chopped up the onion and sweet potato and tossed it in with the sausage. The fat from the bacon was pretty much sucked up so I put a bit of the stock into the skillet and covered it. In a large soup pan I put in the rest of the stock, water and cream (so glad I had some left over from making homemade Irish cream!!).  I took everything that was in the skillet and put it into the pan. For the kale I then chopped up a bunch and put it in the skillet to wilt down and then placed that in the pan as well! Added some salt and pepper and let it sit for a good 4 hours on the stove. Delish!!

Sausage Kale Soup


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