Seize the Flood - Urban Kayaking

Published 03/30/2010

Out of work early during a 100 year storm=once in a lifetime opportunity.  Threw on the rain gear, pulled down the kayak from its secret storage location, and carried it across Post Rd to the launch point – access to the Pawtuxet Industrial Park on most days. 

Unfortunately I launched “downstream” so I had to work to head west on Bellows St.  The sites were uncanny:

Pretty high water level

not for groceries this time

 Got the idea to try to cross Warwick Ave since the road was flooded but didn’t want to push my luck, especially because the cops probably weren’t in the mood.

Tempted to cross...

Chatted it up with some of the folks out there.  Headed back down the street to explore more.  It was strangely quiet and peaceful.

This made me a little nervous:

Then headed back to where I started for some whitewater (kinda)

The rain picked up for this video:

Afterwards paddled over the chain and hit some parking lot rapids.  The river was strong enough to keep me from paddling back the way I came

so had to do portage around some “dry” spots and hump the kayak back home.

keepin it real with one leg up

hardest part of the day was getting this back to storage:

A little nerve-racking especially with slippery conditions

Awesome day!

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