Slosh Tubin at the Beach

Published 06/16/2010

There is nothing better than a Rhode Island summer!  Working locally on Monday provided no better time for the first beach workout of 2010.  Busted out the slosh tube, a 16 kg kettlebell, and a post-it with the metcon du jour. 

After a quick run and some practice rounds, hit a challenging bout of:

  • KB snatches x 6 ea
  • Renegade rows x 6 ea
  • Zercher walk with slosh tube x 20 yds
  • Reverse lunges with slosh tube x 20 yds
  • Pushups x 12
  • Pistols x 6 ea
  • Good mornings with slosh tube x 12

4 rounds in ~20 min. 

Here’s a video that cut short the good mornings and a dog sniffing me while in action:

This was more difficult to perform than taxing but still got the heart pumping.  Bonus activity was one all-out grunting effort sprint x 80 yds +/-.  Then took in the scene…


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