Spartan Fenway Review

Published 12/12/2012

A crossfit workout with an obstacle race feel.

Spartan Fenway was cool because of the setting and overall a good time. Since I’m an adventure race snob I’ll say it required fitness but not much toughness. Here’s how it went down:

After training with an awesome father and son team, the three of us and the first laidy headed up to beantown for junior’s first adventure race and my first Spartan. Spartan penalizes their participants with 30 burpees for failing obstacles. Since we were in this together, our team decided we would do burpees no matter who failed.


We started off with 10 burpees then a run/crawl/hurdle/duck cocktail up the handicap ramp at Fenway to the Suite section. While up there we jumped up and over picnic tables, 5-8′ walls, slammed medicine balls, did some more burpees, and lifted and carried some concrete.

We exited the expensive zone and ran to the grandstand weaving through the rows of seats and jumping them when required. Again, this was cool because it was Fenway but otherwise was just a short step up from the monotony of a treadmill. After about a half mile or so we encountered a bunch of rowing machines. The “obstacle” was to row 500m in 2 minutes or less. Unfortunately one of us did not make the cut so after pulling hard on the rower (you couldn’t see your time or pace so to play to safe you have to go hard), we did 30 burpees together.

Moving on to an obstacle dense area, we climbed up and over a series of angled wooden ladders, crawled under walls, climbed up rope, hoisted concrete weights (their pulley system is much more efficient than LbF’s), jumped 50xs with a 1.5″ 10′ rope, and hopped up stairs with our ankles banded together.


From there we ran up and down the green monster seats, threw spears (I failed), traversed “rock” walls, tossed a baseball in a bucket (2/3 made the shot but all did burpees), and trotted over to the bleachers where we humped Sandbags for a while, then eventually made our onto the field to conquer some more tall walls and do burpees for fun on the center field warning track.

After box jumps by the visitor’s dugout, only a few Spartans with pugil sticks were in the way of the finish line. We had some fun by dragging one of the warriors by his stick across the finish line. Afterwards I felt kinda bad for that dude since he’d probably been out there for hours dealing with fools like us. Oh well.


So in conclusion, it was a cool event at a cool place, we Spartanized our 14 year-old LbFer Colin, I set a pr for most burpees in one day with 145, and we got to a sweet tour of an awesome place via exercise on a nice Sunday.  Oh and when do you get the chance to do muscle-ups on the Red Sox Dugout!


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